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Steve Thomas: Photos

Offending Incognito being called out. (photo: Karen Welling)
My homies. Greg, John, me, Mike. (photo: Karen Welling)
Puzzled Incognitos: Why is this man laughing? (photo: Karen Welling)
Mug shot, rear of 7/11. (photo: Karen Welling)
Steve & REAL INCOGNITO in full flail at Outpost 186, 1/18/14. John Funkhouser (keys), Greg Loughman (bass), Mike Connors (drums). (photo: Karen Welling)
Our jovial audience at Outpost 186 on 1/18/14 — Busted! John checks his iPhone. (photo: Karen Welling)
REAL INCOGNITO, proud practitioners of zero-gravity, not-jazz electric pop. Left to right: Steve, Mike, John, Zipcar, Greg. (photo: Willow Funkhouser)

Steve & the Co-Conspirators

Steve and the Co-Conspirators down by the river. (photo: Andrea Fischman)
Steve and the Co-Cons acting out. Who's that pensive guy behind me?  (photo: Andrea Fischman)
We were trying for a Stones "Between the Buttons"-type thing. Left to right: John, Rich, Gary, Steve. (photo: Andrea Fischman)
Out for a walk between intense planning sessions for world domination. (photo: Andrea Fischman)

Steve Thomas

Real incognito
Eye on the prize.
The well-read jazzbo. Or is he? (photo: Kathryn Sala)
Lurking. (photo: Kathryn Sala)
Yes, he can smile. (photo: Andrea Fischman)
Rhythm man. (photo: Kathryn Sala)
It wasn't my idea. (photo: Kathryn Sala)
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